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The summer holiday had started. Karachi’s heat was oppressive. I had nothing to do. I decided to be adventurous. I went to the nearby Bombay Town bus stop in North Nazimabad and took the No.3 bus. When the conductor asked where I wanted to go I said Tower. On reaching Mereweather Tower I got off the bus. I had never been to this place before and did not want to linger in unknown surroundings for too long. I hopped on to another bus which landed me in Liaquatabad. The crowds there were overwhelming. I took a rickshaw home.

I was all of 13 years old. And this was my first summer holiday adventure alone.

Many moons have passed since that day. I have visited many cities both alone and with my family. I have scoured guidebooks for help in my travel plans. I have searched the internet for information. I have booked hotels online. Made airline bookings and even printed boarding cards at home.

The internet has changed the way we travel. As well as the way we plan it. is meant to be your travel companion. Holding your hand in unfamiliar destinations. Taking the fear out of unknown surroundings and acting as your guide.

When the temperatures soar and the electricity decides to take a nap and the taps run dry you know it is time to take a break. It is time to visit and plan your next holiday. Bon voyage! Fee amanillah!