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Health & Safety

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ImageAbu Dhabi is an extremely safe place to visit, strict laws playing a vital role in this regard. It is safe to walk around at all times of the day/night, women too, but normal precautions must be applied as elsewhere. It is advisable to carry your passport along at all times and make sure you have emergency numbers with you.
Police – 999
Ambulance – 998
Fire - 997
Police Headquaters – 2 4461 1461
Though the government does not pose any dress restrictions or dress code, it should be borne in mind that this is a Muslim country and the presence of scantily clad men and women would hurt the religious sentiments of the people.

Unless you have recently been in an area where you could have been exposed to cholera or yellow fever, there is no need to get a health certificate before you enter Abu Dhabi. Restriction do change so it is better to cross-check once more before you travel ( There is no risk of getting malaria in Abu Dhabi, however, be warned that malaria-carrying mosquito has on rare occasions been encountered in the mountains of this country.
If a  medical emergency occurs at any point of time, just ring the emergency number 999 and a squad of emergency physicians and ambulance personnel will arrive at your aid.
People are advised to give some important details when calling the emergency number like your name, address of the emergency and telephone number you are calling from. It should be kept in mind that the ambulance team cannot help if they are unable to approach you, so maintain your composure and provide clear information.
The information below will abet you to get the most excellent and rapid rejoinder in an emergency situation:
* Give way for the patient to move-clear furniture from the way and unlock doors.
* Send someone to meet the ambulance.
* Make sure that your house number is apparent from the street.
* Turn on the lights outside your house at night.
* If you are residing in an apartment, try meeting up the ambulance at the foyer door and get the elevator ready.
* DO NOT move the patient EXCEPT when life is in jeopardy by outer aspects such as fire, falling debris or electricity.
* Be fully prepared to answer the following question regarding patient’s health: are they conscious; are they breathing; are they bleeding?
It should be at the back of your mind that children, pregnant women and old people are predominantly susceptible to any epidemics. Call +971 2 999 if a baby of half a year has a fever of over 38.5˚C or 101˚F. The ambulance will receive you on time and will drop you at the suitable emergency unit. 

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