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Fast Facts

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        Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is located on the southern outskirts of Saudi Arabia and on  eastern Oman. The emirate borders the emirate of Dubai to its northeast.To the 

        north is the Persian Gulf.

        Dialing code:
        UAE: +971
        Abu Dhabi: 2

        Emergency numbers:
        Ambulance: 998
        Police: 999
        Fire: 997
        Water: 642 3000
        Municipality: 677 7929
        Police HQ:  446 1461
        Electricity: 642 3000

        Around 1.8 millions

        Languages: Arabic is the official language though English is widely
        Time zone:
        UTC +4 hrs
                        No daylight saving time
        Average January temperatures:
        18.4˚ C

        Average July temperatures:
        34.9˚ C
        Annual rainfall:
        Less than 50 mm

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