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Health & Safety

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One often catches a minor infection or viral disease when travelling in a foreign country. Hence it is best to take the recommended vaccinations, as well as additional preventive measures, before you embark on your tour.

You should take ample supplies of your prescribed medications along, like painkillers or asthmatic drugs, as they may not be available locally. To check whether your desired medications are available at any local drugstore within the city, you can dial 505060 or 509787.

You should make sure your medical insurance covers travel in the Central Asian countries. If not, take along extra cash or arrange for any sudden unwanted medical expense.

Emergency aid is provided free in the city’s public hospitals. To avail this service, dial 03 for the ambulance and give your address – Russian only. Be warned, however, that since it is government-administered aid, it may not be of acceptable quality by most European standards. Tourists in Almaty often prefer to use the services of the SOS International Clinic instead. It can be reached at 913030 or 642656.

In case of food- or any other type of poisoning, call 927055 for immediate assistance.


Almaty is a very safe city considering the present state of security issues around the world. Free of any kinds of violent crimes, including acts of terrorism, this city is one place where you can spend quality time without worrying about your personal security or your belongings.

Avoid travelling alone in unlicensed (private) taxis, especially with luggage. The regular cabs are more expensive, but also more reliable. There have been incidents of theft and mugging with lone travelers in private cabs.

As per common sense, avoid lonely streets at night, and prefer exploring the city at night with a friend or guide.

Avoid casinos and nightclubs at night, and leave if a drunken brawl breaks out. Do not get into unnecessary disagreements with the locals.

Police officers would sometimes request you prove your identity by showing your passport or other documents, so always carry it around.

Cross streets, especially busy roads, very carefully – Kazakh drivers rarely look out for pedestrians when out on a wild run. There have been fatal accidents involving unsuspecting foreigners in the past.

And be sure to watch out for opportunist pickpockets when in crowded areas. Otherwise, party to your heart’s content!

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