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altMost probably, you will first hear the name Almaty if you have an international event to attend there, or if you randomly stumble upon it on a travel website. Almaty is not a very popular vacation destination, but its tourism industry is just beginning to blossom, and it has every reason to become one of the top leisure travel destinations in the next few years.

Climatically, the best time to visit the city would be somewhere in April/May, or, later in the year, in September. These are the times when temperatures are moderate, and there is no snowfall. If you like snow, you can go in January too – but the temperatures get quite low, and if you are from a tropical or arid region, you may find it difficult to get out of bed every day and fully enjoy the city!

If you visit Almaty on a leisure trip, make sure you do so during a long holiday so that you get to spend at least a week here – there are sights worth seeing here that you may not see anywhere else – from natural to man-made, from warm to cold, from Muslim to Christian – Almaty has a lot to offer you if you are willing to spend the time.

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Transportation/Getting Around

Taxis are a little expensive, but a quick and safe means of getting around the city.

Driving Tips
Navigating the city is pretty simple – most of the major streets are aligned parallel and ...
Car for hire
1. Dimal Car Rental:  Address: 6 Rozybakiev Street 125/1 office 15, Pushkin ...
From the airport
Transfer facility is readily available at the airport in two ways:
i.    Taxis can be ...
Government-owned buses, trolleybuses and trams run around the city till about 10pm. The normal fare ...
The metro system for Almaty was planned in 1981, and is still under development. Upon completion, ...