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ImagePetra, the most visited tourist site in Jordan. Petra is three hours south of Amman. Tourists can visit and even spend the night at Taybet Zaman, a converted fortress set in the middle of a Bedouin village on the ridge of a steep cliff. The hotel is a maze of cobbled streets and turquoise doorways which lead into rustic but comfortable rooms.


One of the most spectacular must-see sights in Petra is the Wadi Musa or the Valley of Moses.  According to some accounts, the Prophet Moses led the Israelites through Wadi Musa on the way to the Promised Land. His brother, Prophet Aaron (Haaroun), is buried on the highest mountain peak overlooking the valley and the white dome of the mosque next to the tomb can be seen from afar. Wadi Musa is also the home of Petra—one of the ancient world’s most spectacular sites.

Petra ("stone") is a  pink city carved in cliffs of multicolored rocks. It was built about 2,000 years ago by an ancient Arab people, the Nabateans, at a site which was a caravan serai for trade routes carrying silk from China and spices and precious stones from India, destined for the west. It fell into disuse when the Romans captured the area and changed the trade route. Since then earthquakes and erosion have changed the landscape and made it even more stunning. For those tourists who are fans of Indiana Jones: part of the original Indiana Jones movie was filmed here and you can even visit the Indiana Jones Snack Shop for refreshments and junk food.

The walk to the ruins of Petra is about a mile from the entrance through steep and narrow canyons. The grounds are about 4 km long and for those tourists who do not wish to walk the whole way and back, there are ample horse and carriage services available. A popular eatery, frequented by tourists is Petra Zaman, a traditional restaurant where one can try traditional Bedouin food toned down for tourists.

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