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ImageAmsterdam, the capital of Holland, is a city that needs no introduction. It enjoys a climate warmer than its sister-cities due to the Gulf Stream (the global air current which draws tropical air from the Caribbean area up to the north-west of Europe).  It is a perfect place to go to all year round with events to keep you occupied any month. June-July & early August is when the peak season starts for people who prefer to be in a reasonably pleasant climate. Whereas, winter in Amsterdam is not frozen but extremely cold, so it is better to have things that will keep you warm.

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Transportation/Getting Around

The taxi system in Holland is the same as everywhere else; you may book it in advance or catch one ...
Driving Tips
Remember to always drive on the right hand side of the road. You might encounter many cyclists on ...
Regional buses travel in and around the city and their time tables are available at the airport and ...
From the airport
Direct Rail Link connects Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam central station and is the ...
Car for hire
Most car rental companies require you to be 21 or older (some require you to be 23) to hire a car. ...
The tram and the subway system are other means of traveling and enjoyment as it gives tourists a ...