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Green Garden

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ImageGreen Garden

Cuisine: Pakistani
Address: 10 Geraniou
Tel: 210-523-7010


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Expensive Restaurants

This restaurant serves some of the best quality sea-food that Athens has to ...
One of the most popular restaurants in town, Spondi is located in a town house built in the 1800s. ...
Situated on a hill this restaurant gives a wonderful view of the city of Athens especially at ...
The interior of this restaurant is chic and stylish. Amidst this beautiful ambience, guests are ...
The ambience in this restaurant is relaxed and the dishes on the menu are superb. Apart from the ...

Moderate Restaurants

Wonderful traditional Greek dishes are listed on the menu. The food is of excellent quality and is ...
This restaurant has a beautiful interior and excellent appetizers and entrees. The wonderful ...
This restaurant consists of indoor and outdoor tables which provide a stunning view of the ...
Palia Taverna Tou Psara
Famous for its delicious seafood dishes this is a good choice for seafood lovers. ...
This restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes. The entrees listed on the menu are diverse but ...

Budget Restaurants

This small restaurant comprises of tables along the footpaths of one Athenian street.  ...
This tavern dates back to 1865 and is renowned for its delicious seafood and vegetarian dishes. The ...
Diporto Agoras
The food served here is both delicious and inexpensive. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious ...
This is a popular joint amongst Athenians who want to grab a quick bite. It is not a traditional ...
This restaurant serves marvelous food at low prices. The specialty here is the Souvlaki and the ...

Halal Restaurants

Green Garden
Green Garden Cuisine: Pakistani
Address: 10 Geraniou
Tel: 210-523-7010  
Spicy Fast Food and Restaurant
Spicy Fast Food and Restaurant Cuisine: Pakistani
Address: 8-10 Voulgari, Omonia
Dhaka Palace
Dhaka Palace Cuisine: Indian
Address: 26 Ceraniou, Omonia
Tel: 210-522-8604  
Raja Jee Fast Food
Raja Jee Fast Food Cuisine: Greek
Address: 47 Sofokleous
Tel: 210-324-5272