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City in a day

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altThere are many activities to do in Auckland. Given the city’s location, the best time to visit the city is between January and March because not only is the weather lovely but there are many events taking place during that time, such as regattas and other harbor related activities. One of the best parts of Auckland is the enviable harbor life with yachtsand a day can easily be spent in that area. 

Other outdoor activities include visiting Rainbow’s End Theme Park, Kelly’s Tarlton and the Auckland Zoo. However, not all locations can be done in one day and you will have to choose what you are most interested in. 

If one is more interested in indoor activities, then a trip should definitely be paid to Snow Planet and to Sky Tower. There is also the Auckland Museum and the Maritime Museum. 

Shopping is not super exciting in the city; however, there are a number of excellent restaurants and café’s to stop at for a quick cup of coffee or to experience authentic New Zealand/Polynesian cuisine. People watching should also not be missed and even walking a little outside of the metropolitan city to experience the days of the Maoris. 



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