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Amber Halal Kebab

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altCuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 689A Sandringham Road



Expensive Restaurants

O'Connell Street Bistro
Address: 3 O'Connell St., City Center, Auckland
Phone: ...
Esplanade Hotel
Address: 1 Victoria Rd., Devonport
Phone: 09/445-1291
Address: Hilton Auckland, Princes Wharf, 147 Quay St., Auckland
Soul Bar and Bistro
Address: Viaduct Harbour, City Center, Auckland
Phone: ...
Address: 333 Parnell Rd., Parnell, Auckland
Phone: ...

Moderate Restaurants

Oh Calcutta
Address: 149-155 Parnell Rd., Parnell, Auckland
Phone: ...
SPQR Cafe & Bar
Address: 150 Ponsonby Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: ...
Mexican Café
Address: 67 Victoria St. W, City Center, Auckland
Phone: ...
Address: 23 Ponsonby Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: ...
Prego Restaurant
Address: 226 Ponsonby Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: ...
Address: 49 Victoria Rd., Devonport
Phone: 09/445-7732 ...

Budget Restaurants

Agnes Curran
Address: 181 Franklin Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: ...
Alphabet Bistro
Address: 193 Parnell Rd., Parnell, Auckland
Phone: ...
One 2 One
Address: 121 Ponsonby Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland
Phone: ...
Sri Puteri
Address: 59 Queen's Rd., Panmure, Auckland
Phone: ...

Halal Restaurants

Cuisine: Thai
Address: 34 Broadway    
All Go Kebab
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 169-175
Eden Kebabs
Cuisine: Persian
Address: 66A Broadway, N
Cuisine: South Asian
Address: 533 Dominio
Taste-rite Halal Takeaway
Cuisine: South Asian
Address: 23 Hall Aven
Cuisine: Brazilian
Address: 583 Dominion
Milanos Restuarant
Cuisine: Various
Address: 190 Kirkbride Road       
Kebabs on Queen
Cuisine: Lebanese
Address: 300 Queen Stre
Mama's Kitchen
Cuisine: Malay
Address: 2 Nacton Lane  
Kebab City
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 51 Custo
Amber Halal Kebab
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 689A San
Ayutthaya Thai Food
Cuisine: Thai
Address: 184 Karangahape Ro
Saheb's Halal Chicken
Cuisine: South Asian
Address: 6 Pukeora Ro
Cuisine: Portuguese
Address: 186-194 Domi
Paradise Takeaway
Cuisine: Indian
Address: 236 Ponsonby Roa
Khyber Tandoori
Cuisine: Pakistani
Address: 19 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton
Top in Town
Cuisine: Indian
Address: 689 Sandringham
Jewel Of India
Cuisine: North Indian
Address: 30 Princes
Grill Chicken
Cuisine: Afghan
Address: 184 Karangahape
Saughat Express
Cuisine: South Asian
Address: 411 Great So