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From the airport

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altTo get from the Auckland airport to the city, there are a number of means of transportation that can be used such as buses, shuttles and taxis.
If one is interested in taking the bus to the city, there is the Airbus which is available 7 days a week, 23 hours a day. The one way fare for adults is NZ$16, backpacker with ID NZ$14 and child NZ$6. This local bus and train will cost NZ$8 to the city centre.
Approximate prices for one person in a shuttle to various destinations are:
   •    to Papatoetoe NZ$29
   •    to Manurewa NZ$26
   •    to Howick NZ$42
   •    to Takapuna NZ$35
   •    to Henderson NZ$41
   •    to central Auckland (city) the fare is between NZ$50 and NZ$65
Check the cost of a taxi fare into the city before hiring the taxi.


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