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Annual Temperature

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altJanuary         Avg low: 16°      Avg hi: 23°      Avg precip: 5.64 cm
February       Avg low: 17°      Avg hi: 24°      Avg precip: 7.16 cm
March           Avg low: 16°     Avg hi: 22°      Avg precip: 6.22 cm
April             Avg low: 13°     Avg hi: 20°      Avg precip: 6.64 cm
May             Avg low: 12°     Avg hi: 17°      Avg precip: 10.98 cm
June            Avg low: 10°     Avg hi: 15°      Avg precip: 9.95 cm
July             Avg low: 9°       Avg hi: 14°      Avg precip: 11.61 cm
August        Avg low: 9°       Avg hi: 14°      Avg precip: 7.8 cm
September   Avg low: 10°     Avg hi: 16°     Avg precip: 8.01 cm
October       Avg low: 12°     Avg hi: 18°     Avg precip: 8.65 cm
November    Avg low: 13°     Avg hi: 19°     Avg precip: 6.29 cm
December    Avg low: 15°     Avg hi: 21°     Avg precip: 7.83 cm


Transportation/Getting Around

Public transport
There is a range of ways to get around the city Auckland, which are riding the bus, train, ferry, ...
Driving Tips
The Auckland City Ambassadors dress up in bright yellow jackets and are available on the streets ...
Auckland’s public transportation system isn’t the greatest; however, they offer sufficient bus ...
Car for hire
Auckland’s highways tend to get cramped and crowded during peak times, especially the Northern ...
From the airport
To get from the Auckland airport to the city, there are a number of means of transportation that ...
Traffic can get quite congested on the roads in Auckland but since public transportation isn’t as ...