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Bali today

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altA few decades ago, the main forms of income for Bali were agricultural. Today, tourism is the single largest source of income for the Balinese. At least one member of every household is employed in the tourism industry. There was a sharp decline in the tourism industry after the 2002 and 2003 bombings in the busy shopping areas of Kuta and Jimbaran Bay. But things have picked up since then, especially after massive foreign investments (for instance, the Bulgari resort). Security measures such as bomb-sniffing dogs and security checks are now in place almost everywhere.
The beaches in Bali are stunning and is hence one of the most photographed location in the world over. Many photoshoots for international magazines take place in Bali.  The tourism industry has been developed in a way to cater to a tourists every need. Today, tourists can learn how to surf, snorkel and even go deep sea diving. The underwater world is absolutely breathtaking and for those looking to exchange vows under the sea, there are special tour operators who can arrange that for you. The culture and history is very rich and is evident from every festival, religious offering and art performances.


Transportation/Getting Around

Care for hire
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From the airport
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