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Bangkok Today

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Bangkok today BangkokBangkok at the moment is a tourist hot spot. The tourism industry is heavily promoted by the government and people like what Bangkok has to offer. Bangkok is the perfect manifestation of east meets west. Whilst locals party hard in the many clubs, discos and bars and shop till they drop in some of the most modern shopping centers in the world they also are extremely conservative and have deep respect for their traditions and culture evident from the reverence for the Royal family and the religious sites and monuments where they pay homage to Buddha.

Bangkok is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia. Bangkok attractions include its unique heritage, modern and luxurious shopping malls and much more. Some of the exciting places to see include the “Grand Place” which is the most famous place of Bangkok Built by King Rama II in 1782.

Bangkok certainly lives up to its reputation as a travel hot spot in Southeast Asia.

Today you can see Bangkok residents revering their heritage by the many museums that exist, the most popular of which are the Ban Thai Museums, National Museum and Royal Elephants Thai Museum. Bangkok also is home to several beautifully kept parks including the “Dusit Palace Park.” This park is one of the most beautiful in all of Asia and is located within the world's largest teak mansion.

Today you can also visit “Siam Ocean World” which is Bangkok's most fantastic aquarium and is absolutely massive. Other popular tourist hotspots in Bangkok are The Golden Buddha, The Golden Mount, Temple of the Great Relic & the Amulet Market, Temple of the Reclining Buddha and The Royal Barges.


Transportation/Getting Around

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From the airport
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