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City in a day

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City in a day BeijingSeeing the whole of Beijing in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate on one part of the city so that time is not wasted in travel. Visitors can get a fairly good idea of all of Beijing's treasures by basing themselves in the vicinity of Tiananmen Square i.e. the neighborhood of Dongcheng. It would be advisable to follow the guide below.


The Forbidden City should be the first stop and tourists should start out early in the morning [this attraction opens at 8 30 A.M].

These historical structures should not to be missed. The Forbidden City comprises of Beijing's best preserved cultural treasures. The Forbidden City known as such because of the exclusion of the masses from this part of the city in Imperial China is glorious. Pass through the Gate of Heavenly Peace; an extremely important feature of the Forbidden City especially so as this was the site from which Mao declared China to be the People's  Republic of China.


Tourists will now be at Tiananmen Square built by Mao and visit Mao's mausoleum located here so long as the queue is not too long. They should then proceed to the Temple of Heaven and visit the hall of prayer for good harvests to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent wooden structure with its even more stunning tiled roof. 


Stop for an early lunch at a near by café. Then head over to the National Museum of China- both educational and interesting one of the most renowned museums of Beijing giving visitors an excellent idea of Chinese history and culture. This museum closes by 3 30 P.M


Whilst in the neighborhood of Dong cheng be sure to visit Chongwen district and be sure to stop off at Ruifuxiang Choubu Dian where beautiful Chinese silk fabric is available- both stitched and unstitched. If not too exhausted visit the pearl market as well.


Unwind for dinner at one of Beijing's fantastic restaurants such as Restaurant, Bar, Lounge or Kejia Cai.



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