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Annual Temperature

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altMonth    High (°C)    Low(°C)
January    2.9    -1.9
February    4.2    -1.5
March    8.5    1.3
April    13.2    4.2
May    18.9    9.0
June    21.6    12.3
July    23.7    14.3
August    23.6    14.1
September    18.8    10.6
October    13.4    6.4
November    7.1    2.2
December    4.4    -0.4


Transportation/Getting Around

The bright yellow double deckered caterpillars are an icon of the Berlin city-scape. They are ...
Bicycles and trams
There are efficient Bicycle routes through most of Berlin and hiring a bike for your stay can be an ...
Metro and the Railway system
Berlin has an extensive network of railways which can be fairly confusing for a first time visitor. ...
Driving Tips
Germany has a world-renowned series of superhighways, the AutoBahn; they were in fact the first of ...
From the airport
Berlin has two Airports; Tegel, about 10km from the centre of the city, and Shoenefeld, about 20km ...
Taxis can be a convenient method to get around when there is no other option. They can be flagged ...