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Annual Temperature

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altMonth    High (°C)    Low(°C)
January    30.4    20.4
February    28.7    19.4
March    26.4    16.6
April    22.3    12.7
May    18.7    9.5
June    15.1    7.2
July    13.8    6.7
August    14.3    7.8
September    17.9    9.9
October    22.5    13.1
November    28.8    19.2
December    22.4    13.5


Transportation/Getting Around

The above ground railway system, although just as efficient as the subway, takes a bit more getting ...
Car for hire
The traffic in Buenos Aires is fairly stressful so driving by yourself is not recommended. Walking ...
Tren subterráneo (underground train), or Subte as it is called for short by the Porteños, is the ...
Buenos Aires has an almost hopelessly vast, complex and extensive bus network. A few weeks of using ...
From the airport
There are two airports in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza International (called Aeropuerto Internacional ...
Taxis are easy to find as there are so many of them on the streets with their tell tale yellow and ...