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What to do with Children in Tow

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altAlthough it may not seem that way at first, Buenos Aires is an extremely safe and child friendly city. There are many child-friendly eateries and lots of parks to explore. Porteños adore children; you are bound to get into some interesting conversations with the locals that never would have happened if not for your little ones. Keeping the kids busy for hours will not be difficult in Buenos Aires. A few suggestions for what you can do when travelling with the family:

Palermo gardens are perfect places for the kids, especially on weekends. Take a picnic, rent a paddle boat on the river and play games in the rose garden or the Japanese garden. The Planetarium just by the parks is an excellent escape and the space shows will keep them enthralled.

The cemetery in Recoleta will interest older children, especially the different statues, architecture and the vastness of the place.
The Buenos Aires zoo is an excellent place where you and your kids can enjoy a whole day.

Some museums that could interest the kids are:
     -Museo de los Niños (Children’s museum), Open Tuesdays, Sundays and holidays between 1:00pm and 8:00pm, this charming facility will delight your kids.
Address: Av. Corrientes 3247
Telephone: 4861 2325

    -Museo Argentino del Títere (The puppet museum)
Address: Piedras 905
Telephone: 4304 4376

   -Museo Participativo de Ciencias (The interactive science museum)
Address: Junin 1930
Telephone: 4807 3260

Most restaurants will appreciate you bringing your children along and will happily do a hot chocolate or pizza even if it isn’t on the menu. Restaurant chains like Garbis have indoor playgrounds that may help with the wait while the food is cooking. Remember to insist on cleanliness with your kids and carry around toilet paper and wet wipes as public toilets can be unsanitary.


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