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Cape Town back then

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ImageHistorically Cape Town has always been an important city. Due to its status as a port/harbor it attracted the Dutch East India Trading Company who established their posts here in the early 1650s to facilitate trade with India, the Far East and the rest of Africa. The same trading company brought a number of slaves to Cape Town to perform menial jobs.  The mansions and buildings erected by the Dutch during this period survive even today.

Cape Town then fell to the British in 1795 and then again in the early 1800s who then eventually founded the Union of South Africa in 1910.

During the Apartheid an aggressive policy of racial segregation was adopted in Cape Town. Robben Island soared in popularity and has now become a tourist hotspot because of the political prisoners it harbored such as Mandela who objected to the apartheid.   It was not until 1994 that democratic elections were held and figures such as Mandela honored



Transportation/Getting Around

Taking the bus to get around Cape Town is a good idea since most of Cape Town’s attractions are ...
Driving Tips
It is preferable to rent a car with a driver rather than drive by yourself. Whilst Cape Town’s ...
The Cape Metro Rail runs 3 local metro lines.The train station is located on Adderley street. ...
Rent a Car
Renting a car will probably be the best thing to do to get around Cape Town. Cars are the most ...
Taxis can hardly be seen on the roads of Cape Town as most of Cape Town’s residents do not use ...
From the airport
From Cape Town International Airport:

Visitors can take a cab to city centre. Taxis ...