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Health and Safety

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ImageDo not walk alone late at night. Cape Town has a relatively high crime rate. Stick to areas that are well lit.

Do not carry too much cash on you; do not wear expensive jewelry or carry expensive gadgets. Cape Town like most major tourist destinations is filled with pickpockets and thieves. Obviously this applies only to crowded areas such as railway stations, trains, buses, the airport, and renowned tourist attractions.

Be careful while crossing roads as Cape Town is known for its reckless drivers who stop for no one.

Make sure your travel insurance includes your health insurance as Cape Town’s hospitals and doctors charge high rates for their services.

The following emergency numbers should always be with you.

Emergencies: 107

Fire:  021-535-1100 / 021-461-5555

Police: 10111 [flying squad]; 021-467-8000

Ambulance: 10177

Tourist Assistance [Police]: 021-418-2852

Lifeline: 021-461-1111

Sea Rescue: 021-405-3500

Vehicle Breakdown: 082-161-11

Telephone directory enquiry: 1023 [Local Numbers]; 1903 [International Numbers]

Airport Enquiry: 021-934-0407

Railway Enquiry: 080-065-6463

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