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Chicago today

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ImageChicago is located in northeastern Illinois and at the southwestern tip of Lake Michigan. It is truly a world-class city with immigrants from around the world. It is a city of wondrous architecture, endless shorelines, shimmering lakes and unmatched tourist attractions. It is, today, an economic powerhouse. The tourism industry of the city thrives along with the conventional industry to make Chicago the favored destination of many seeking business and pleasure. The city takes pride in its top sports teams and internationally-renowned symphony orchestra. Thousands of restaurants serving cuisines from all around the world do brisk business in this city whose residents are enormous food lovers. Row upon row of classy shops selling haute couture and trendy affordable wear, makes Chicago a shopper’s paradise.
Chicago’s museums are a goldmine of information where one can spend endless hours pondering over discoveries from pre-historic times to wonders that await us in the future.
Chicago truly is a happening city, with a plethora of festivals year-round, loads of free open air concerts in the innumerable parks that are spread across the city, and tons of entertainment for all ages.

The nation’s sprawling “Second City” is a showcase of all that is truly American, full of vitality and variety.

The city of Chicago is a hot city for recent college graduates, people looking for opportunities, energy and fun! 


Transportation/Getting Around

Driving Tips
Driving in the city of Chicago, downtown area is not recommended. Rush hour traffic and one-way ...
The city of Chicago has a very well organized bus and train
system run by the Chicago ...
The flag pull (entry) rate is $2.25 and for every additional mile it is $1.80. You are charged ...
From the airport
Chicago has two international airports; O’Hare International Airport, (773) 686-2200, located ...
The trains in Chicago are communally known as the El (elevated). You will easily be able to get to ...
Car for hire
As in most countries, the minimum age to hire a car varies from 21 to 25 years. A valid driving ...