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From the airport

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ImageChicago has two international airports; O’Hare International Airport, (773) 686-2200, located northwest of the city, and on the opposite end, the southwest side, is Midway International Airport (773) 838-0600.

Taxis are available around the clock from both the airport to your desired destination. Some charge by the distance, while others have flat fees.
Public transportation is convenient from both airports. You can take the El directly into downtown. O'Hare is located on the Blue Line; a trip to downtown takes about 40 minutes. Trains leave every 6 to 10 minutes during the day, and every half-hour in the evening and overnight. Getting downtown from Midway on the Orange Line takes 20 to 30 minutes.
Continental Airport Express (tel. 888/2-THEVAN or 312/454-7800) serves most five-star hotels in Chicago with its blue-and-white vans; ticket counters are located at both airports near the baggage claim.

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From the airport
Chicago has two international airports; O’Hare International Airport, (773) 686-2200, located ...
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