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What to do when you get there?

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ImageWater used for drinking or brushing teeth should be boiled first or sterilized. Drink bottled water or mineral water, usually available at most hotels and supermarkets. Make sure unpasteurised milk is boiled before consumption. Any fruit you decide to eat should be peeled first and meat and fish should be well cooked.
Sri Lanka is generally safe to walk about and travel, nevertheless it is best to remain vigilant at all times. Here are a few pointers on how to avoid being scammed or robbed:

* If anyone is too keen to give you advice or directions, walk away.
* Do not do business with street vendors, people you’ve just met, people who have been introduced to you by strangers, tri-shaw drivers etc.
* Write down and keep your hotel number with you at all times.
* If it’s your first visit to Sri Lanka, never admit it to anyone.
* Don’t venture out alone at night, always travel in groups.

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