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Damascus in a Day

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ImageViewing all of Damascus in one day is, as with most cities in the world, an impossible task. However, much of Damascus’s history, culture and lifestyle can be absorbed in one day by following the itinerary below:

Start your day early. Make Central Damascus your first stop; in particular the National Museum which is fantastic in terms of the diversity of exhibits on display. The Museum opens at 8 A.M and visitors will normally spend at least 3-4 hours walking around the numerous galleries and rooms which contain relics from various periods of history including the Pre-Classical, Classical and Islamic eras.

Make the Old City your next stop, as many of the historical attractions are concentrated in this one district. Visit Azem Palace, that was first built by the Syrian governor in the 1740s. It showcases the culture of Syria (pottery, ceramics, textiles and costumes are displayed here) and imbibes the distinctly Damascene architectural styled of striped stonework.

Have a quick lunch at Beit Jabri Restaurant housed in an old Damascene House. Treat yourself to some kebabs and Hummus. Traditional food in a traditional ambiance!

After lunch, make your way towards the Omayyad Mosque. This mosque contains a number of important shrines. Taking in the magnificence of this structure and absorbing its rich history and symbolic value will take a couple of  hours at least. The mosque is absolutely beautiful and houses the shrine of Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, who was an important figure in Islamic history.  


Next, visit the tomb of Saladin, the famous ruler of Damascus, who fought during the Crusades. Also visit the Chapel of St. Ananias which is close by. Damascus’s architecture is strongly influenced by its Islamic history as well as the Christian presence in the city.

Finally make your way to the Damascus Souq which is also located in the Old City. The winding alleys and numerous stalls are a pleasure to walk through. Don't forget to stock up on souvenirs to take back home!

End your day with dinner at Leila’s Restaurant & Terrace which overlooks the Omayyad Mosque providing a beautiful and breath taking view of illuminated Old Damascus. Make sure you treat yourself to their delicious grilled lamb!

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