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Dubai Today

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Glitz, glamor, gloss! All this comes to mind when you talk about Dubai, the city which has risen from the vast stretches of barren Arabian sands to the bustling metropolis it is today. From gypsum and lime houses with their distinctive wind towers to cool them, to high-rise, high-powered buildings, Dubai has come a long way. Today Dubai, the commercial capital of the UAE, enjoys the distinction of being a city where people of 200 nationalities co-exist in peace and harmony. A city which has many ‘firsts’ in its serpentine list of achievemnets – the world’s tallest building-Burj Dubai, the world’s biggest mall-the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest cluster of man-made islands.The Dubai Metro too, when completed, is slated to be the largest in the world.

With it’s amazing natural background against which stand the dazzling skyline of its skyscrapers, Dubai is a tourist’s delight. Though sun, surf, sand and shopping are the main attractions of the thousands of tourists who pour into Dubai each year, they cannot  fail to be awed by its massive progress in the field of education, industry, trade and technology. Dubai has carved a niche for itself as being a leader and trend-setter. Within a very short span of time, barely a generation, Dubai has become a force to reckon with in the modern global economy. Banking and finance, tourism, and real estate and construction are industries experiencing ongoing growth and offer a balanced and varied economy.

With its roots deep in its glorious past, the city has evolved to an unbelievable extent while impressively maintaining the delicate balance between its traditions and the demands of a modern era.
With a highly developed infrastructure, campuses of world-class universities, exquisite shopping malls, architecturally stunning hotels, breathtaking natural as well as artificial beauty, mouth-watering international cuisine, and much more, Dubai’s popularity as a hot tourist destination is on the increase.

Additional information about Dubai:

Dubai is the second largest and second wealthiest of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It's amazing modern structures, luxury hotels and other fun places to visit encourage travelers to visit Dubai. Dubai is home to the world's tallest building (as of 2011) Burj Khalifa. The “Dubai Museum” is a must to see for everyone who comes to Dubai. It is a lively and interactive museum with working models and life-size displays of people and pictures which portray the various aspects of Dubai life. Other museums in Dubai which are worth a visit include Bayt Al Wakeel Maritime Museum and Heritage Diving Villages.

If the sights don't satisfy, there are a lot of other things Dubai has to offer for your entertainment, such as Camel racing, Horse racing , tons of animals to view at the Dubai Zoo, Desert Safaris and more. Dubai has some picturesque mosques too, including the Jumeirah Mosque located on Jumeirah Beach Road.

And that's not all, would you believe there's a way for you to ice-skate and ski in the hot desert of Dubai?  Dubai is home to the world's largest indoor snow park in Dubai. There's plenty to do in Dubai, so plan your trip on now!


Masjid Information

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