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When to go

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ImageThe best time to visit Dubai is from November to April when the weather is pleasant and one can enjoy out door activities as well. December and January bring some rain which brings down the temperature considerably. January to mid February the city comes alive with the shopping festival which includes along with fabulous discounts, a variety of entertainment experiences. July, August and September get uncomfortably hot and humid so a visit to Dubai at this time is best avoided. Also to be kept in mind is that during the holy month of Ramadan, shops and business establishments may alter their timings and most restaurants and bars are closed during the day.

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Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

Transportation/Getting Around

Driving Tips
Visitors are allowed to drive in the UAE with an international driver’s licence. As with other ...
Dubai Metro is the world’s largest driverless, fully automated metro in the world. Dubai Metro ...
Motorised water taxis called abras are a very popular and inexpensive way of commuting from Deira ...
Taxis in Dubai are relatively cheap if you are traveling short distances but can prove fairly ...
From airport
By Public Taxi Taxis are the best way to get into town from the airport and they are readily ...
Car for hire
There are a number of car rental companies all over the city and visitors can hire one with ease. A ...