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Annual Temperature

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altMonth    Average Min. Temp C    Average Max. Temp C
January        3                                      8
February      3                                       8
March          3                                       9
April            4                                      12
May            7                                       14
June           9                                       17
July            12                                      19
August        11                                     19
September   9                                      17
October       8                                      14
November    4                                      10
December    3                                       8


Transportation/Getting Around

If its your first time in the city and you don’t know your way around, the best way to get around ...
The DART suburban rail follows a route along the coast. It is advisable to check the DART timetable ...
The bus service operates from 6 am to 11:30 pm on weekdays. There are buses, Nitelink, that operate ...
Driving Tips
The minimum age of driving in Ireland (obviously with a full UK license) is 17 for cars. Speed ...
From the Dublin Airport
The airport is located about 10 miles from the main city centre and can easily be reached by hiring ...
Care for hire
Visitors are able to rent a car for their own driving convenience around the city. By producing a ...