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Driving Tips
It is advisable not to drive in ...
Buses & the Dolmus
Buses in ...
Ferries & Sea Buses
Ferries and sea buses are used to cross ...
Though taxis are easily available in ...
Car for Hire
The main car rental companies have ...
The subway called Tünel, is rather ...
City in One Day
One day, while not enough to see all of Istanbul's sites properly can be used efficiently to take ...
International Istanbul Puppet Festival
The annual International Istanbul Puppet Festival spans over eight days and hosts various national ...
ARTIST is the annual art fair that covers painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and ...
International Istanbul Film Festival
The annual International Istanbul Film Festival covers 200 films in over twenty categories. These ...
When to go
The best time of the year to visit Istanbul is during the spring season. Spring lasts from April to ...

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul today
Over the centuries Istanbul has established itself as one of the greatest and most diverse cities in the world. It is one of the most pulsating and delightful places in Europe and the Middle East. Istanbul's centuries of empires have left it with an amazing collection of palaces, churches, mosques and markets from every period of history. Its unique position as a city that sits across two continents, both Europe and Asia, has given Istanbul a mixed cosmopolitan environment. Istanbul is the hub of Turkey, a vital metropolis that is made up of more than ancient palaces and smoky bazaars. 

Istanbul back then
Istanbul was established in the mid-seventh century BC when a Greek explorer named Byzas was told by the Oracle at Delphi to sail up the Bosphorus and found a city. The result was the city of Byzantium which over the next thousand years became a significant center of trade and commerce. In the early fourth century AD, the Emperor Constantine made it the new capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, renaming it Constantinople.
As the Western Roman Empire fell to barbarian invasions in the fifth and sixth centuries, the eastern half, known as the Byzantine Empire became Rome's successor. Th

The Marmara Istanbul
The Marmara is located centrally at the Taksim Square. The hotel, due to popularity has opened a sec
Ritz-Carlton Istanbul
The Ritz-Carlton is located above the Dolmabahçe Palace. The hotel offers exclusive clubs and cigar
Pera Palas Hotel
The Pera Palas Hotel was built in 1892 as lodging for the passengers of the Orient Express. A number
Four Seasons Hotel
The Four Seasons Hotel is located at the center of Sultanahmet and was previously a prison. The five
Çiragan Palace Hotel Kempinski Istanbul
The Ciragan Palace Hotel was a residence of the last Ottoman sultans. It consists of two buildings,
Midtown Hotel Istanbul
The hotel is centrally located on the Lamartin Street, in the Talimhane area of Taksim. The hotel o

This district has spectacular historical buildings, luxurious shops and cafes. The most expensive br
Ziya Antiques
This store provides antiques and collectibles dating to the Ottomans. Objects include wall hangings,
Vakko is the place to go to find the best designer men's and women's wear. Their specialty includes
Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the most famous shopping markets with over four thousand shop
Mavi Jeans
Mavi Jeans is like a Turkish Gap and provides smart and casual clothes for customers. It can also be
Mudo is another popular store for finding casual and smart clothing. Another Mudo store is at the in

International Istanbul Jazz Festival
The International Istanbul Jazz Festival  held annually in July at different locations througho
International Istanbul Music Festival
The International Istanbul Music Festival was first held in 1973. The festival events are held at s
Chocolate Show
The Chocolate Show is held at the Istanbul Hilton Convention and ExhibitionCe
Istanbul Cup
The Istanbul Cup is a tennis tournament played annually. It is played on clay courts at the Tekstil
Istanbul House ware & Gift Fair
The Istanbul House ware and Gift Fair is held at the Tuyap Istanbul Exhibition Palace. The event sh
Phonem by Miller
This is an annual one week festival held at various locations all   over the city. It feat

Enginar cafe has a pleasant ambiance with attractive lighting and an interior  that looks like
Sarnic restaurant is located in an old Roman cistern behind the Ayasofya. The menu combines traditio
Dubb Indian Restaurant and Gallery
Dubb Indian Restaurant is located in a beautifully restored Ottoman house that is also used as a gal
Pandeli Lokantasi
Pandeli, established in 1901 is located on the upper level of the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. It is popul
Balikçi Sabahattin
Balikçi Sabahattin is part of a group which includes the Hotel Armada, Allafranga, and the Kalkan H
Yesil Ev
Yesil Ev is located in a rebuilt historic Ottoman mansion. The Turkish/French menu includes specialt

Fast Facts
Northwest of Turkey, on both sides of the river Bosphorus, where the strait enters the Sea of

Local City Name:

1,830.92 sq km
706.9 sq miles
Dialing code:
Area Code:
Asia 216 / Europe 212
Emergency Numbers:
Fire: 110
Police: 155
Ambulance: 112


Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Laz

Time zone:

Turkey New Lira (TRY) or the Turkish Yeni Turk Lirasi (YTL)

Ethnic mix:
The population of Istanbul consists of 90% Turkish, while 4% are Kurdish. The remaining 6% are
of Greek, Armenian, Jewish and other ethnicities.

Average January Temperatures:
0 °C (32 °F)

Average July Temperatures:
23 °C (73.4 °F)

Annual Rainfall:

What to do with kids in Tow
Rahmi M.  Koç Museum   This museum is located in magnificent buildings ...

In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health and Safety
Istanbul is generally a safe city  but one should exercise normal precaution as anywhere in the world. Do not carry a large amount of ...

Prayer Timings

FajrSunrise ZuhrAsr MaghribIsha
05:4107:20 11:5802:18 04:3606:15

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