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Driving Tips

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altThere are toll routes that circle the city and are generally faster when the traffic is good but they also get jammed. Another downside to driving yourself is that the major roads have a poor drainage system and during the rainy season (Dec-Feb) the roads may be flooded, leading to a gridlock.

Certain routes have a car pool lane during peak morning (7:30-10AM) and afternoon traffic (4:30-7PM) jams; meaning a minimum of 3 people are required in a car. Routes that have this requirement stretch from Kota train station until Blok M via JI. Hayam Wuruk, Jl. Thamrin, Jl. Sudirman and Jl.Sisingamangaraja; Jl. Gatot Subroto from the Senayan-JCC Overpass to the intersection with Jl. HR Rasuna Said.

By bajaj
The Jakartan equivalent to Thailand’s tuk-tuk is the bajaj (pronounced "bahdge-eye"), orange mutant scooters souped up in India into tricycles that carry passengers in a small cabin at the back. They're a popular way to get around town since they can weave through Jakarta's interminable traffic jams much like motorbikes can. Although slow, boneshaking (suspension is not a feature in a bajaj), hot (locals joke about the "natural A/C") and the quick way to breathing in more exhaust fumes than you ever thought possible, riding around in these little motor-bugs can really grow on you. Be careful about getting overcharged and be sure to barter before setting off.

By ojek
If you're poking around narrow back streets, or are just in a hurry that you're willing to lose a limb to get there, then Jakarta's motorcycle taxis (ojek) might be the ticket for you. Jakarta's ojek services consist of guys with bikes lounging around street corners, who usually shuttle short distances down alleys and roads but will also do longer trips for a price. Agree on the fare before you set off.

Ningrat Limobike
This company operates motorbike cabs targeted at more affluent passengers than typical ojeks. All the prices vary between zones and you will be informed when you make a booking. All prices are official so you don't need to bargain like when you ride a privately operated ojek.


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Driving Tips
There are toll routes that circle the city and are generally faster when the traffic is good but ...
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