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Best of City in a Day

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ImageA day is just not enough to truly see Karachi. Half a day would most probably be spent getting from one district to the next in all the traffic! It is recommended that you start off early in the morning, before the 8 am office rush. If you cannot start that early, let the office guys take their time to get to office. Then leave your hotel by around 11 to explore the city.

Exploring the city efficiently depends on where you start. It is advisable to start off near where you are staying. The major attractions of the city are generally all situated in the Saddar area (sightseeing/eating), Tariq Road/ Bahadurabad (shopping/dining), and the Zamzama/Defence/Clifton area (expensive shopping and dining/beach).

A day spent in Saddar should be the primary choice for you if you like to see heritage being misused. Ancient British and Indian architecture marvels are currently being utilized as restaurants, Afghan electronics shops, and office buildings. Nevertheless, most of their facades still exist in all their glory. The grand Empress Market is enough to keep you occupied for hours if you want to shop for general everyday items and grocery. Want to window-shop for electronics,  walk a few steps to the Electronics Market. Want unwarranted Chinese electronics at crazy prices, and the Regal area just a few blocks ahead will spoil you for choice. Want the latest in fashion at prices that are too good to ignore, and Zainab Market and the Co-operative Market will leave you breathless. And finally, a visit to Saddar is incomplete without paying homage to Asia's largest hub of pirated CD's, Rainbow Center. Rainbow Center in itself is sure to keep you engaged for hours if you are an entertainment freak. Scan its multiple floors for all kinds of movies, games, music, and software CD's.

Another way to spend a day in Karachi is to hit the Tariq Road neighborhood. This is primarily a shopping district, and if Karachi is one of your shopping destinations, then Tariq Road offers the essence of the Karachi shopping experience. All kinds of garments, shoes, and other accessories are available at reasonable prices. The many restaurants and the food courts at larger malls like Dolmen Mall would refresh and energize you during your break from shopping.

The Zamzama Boulevard is also a great place if you want original, branded products, and their prices are the least of your concerns. It is the typical place to shop for the social elite of Karachi, and the ambience reflects it.

Whichever place you choose to explore, remember to wind up your trip by 5 pm, before the roads get clogged with the evening traffic. Getting caught in a traffic jam is the last thing you would want - it would spoil the entire 'fun' experience that you had and leave you frustrated, edgy, and exhausted.

You may choose to explore the city by night (that is, after 1 am), in which case it would be more convenient in that there would rarely be traffic problems. But it is definitely not advisable to do so, due to the high possibility of mischief making opportunists.

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