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Driving Tip

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ImageKarachi follows the British system of driving on the left side of the road.


Driving can be a quite a pleasant experience if you do so in the posh localities of the Defence, Clifton, and the Seaview neighbourhoods. With wide avenues and clean roads, these are the ideal areas for long, leisure drives. However, driving in other parts of the city can be quite a nightmare, due to many reasons.

Due to the ongoing construction of bridges and the repairs on many of the roads in the city, many other roads that are being used as diversions and alternate routes are heavily congested. Traffic is not controlled by a proper traffic police force, and it is quite normal for drivers to follow their own rules. Even on prominent crossroads it is common to get stuck in traffic jams as there is seldom any traffic constable to control the flow of traffic.


Other drivers can be quite harsh. They are always in a hurry, and they never accept that they are wrong. They never take a wrong turn, and they never hit your car, it is always you who hits theirs.

Beware of slow-moving buses and tankers. Make sure you are never in a lane behind them. If you notice you are, always try to get out as soon as you can, but again, be cautious while doing so.

Never ever drive behind an autorickshaw which is looking for passengers. It tends to drive really slowly, and it can make very sudden, unpredictable, and jerky stops. You may bump into it. This would seldom cause serious damage to the rickshaw, but the driver would react as if you just dented his million dollar limo.

And finally, good luck driving in Karachi - you are going to need every bit of it!


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