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Fast Facts

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Western Peninsula Malaysia.

Dialling code:
60 ( country )

03 (  city )

1.4 million (city); 1.9 million (metropolitan area).


Malay (official)
Known as Bahasa Malaysia
English (other)
Tamil (other)
Chinese (other)

Time zone:
GMT + 8.

Emergency numbers:

Police & Ambulance : 999
Fire : 994
Civil Defense : 991
International Operator : 108
Multilingual Services : 198
National Directory Inquiry : 103
Kuala Lumpur International Airport : 603 2267 4311
Malaysian Tourist Information Center : 603 2164 3929
Kuala Lumpur Tourist Police : 603 2146 0522

220 volts or 250 volts AC, 50Hz; three-pin flat plugs are standard.

Average January temperatures:
32°C (90°F).
Average July temperatures
32°C (90°F).

Annual rainfall:
2,700mm (105 inches).

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Masjid Information

In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

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