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Kuala Lumpur Today

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ImageKuala Lumpur has jolted from its rural beginnings into a bustling and booming cosmopolitan city in just a matter of decades. This rapid transformation is what makes Kuala Lumpur so attractive. For instance, the speed at which KL has changed is evidence of the innovative and progressive ideas, architecture and individuals currently found in the city. However, the rapidity of this speed is also what has caused KL to hold on to its traditional roots, giving modernity a quaint charm.


In order to get an idea of what Kuala Lumpur is today, you need not go further than its name, which literally means “muddy confluence". KL at present is a confluence of old and new, some even allude that it is a mixture between high-tech Singapore and charmingly rustic Bangkok.

Therefore, do not be surprised to find Old Chinese houses and colonial mansions standing next to gleaming steel towers. Even more interesting is the elbowed stance of executives, traditional fortune-tellers, and tourists when taking public transport.

Perhaps it is this natural confluence of people that has made the city so ethnically diverse and accepting.

It is a certain kind of fondness and admiration that makes people call the city “KL". Such fondness has grown even greater after emerging from the economic crisis of the 1990s and the disheartening SARS scare. Yet, the city has learned to cope and is now on an upward climb with construction and infrastructure projects near completion.

Neighborhoods are emerging or being redeveloped with the aim of becoming a fully developed nation by 2020.  Such developments can be noticed in the emergence of the new administrative capital Putrajaya.

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