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Kuala Lumpur Back Then

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ImageKuala Lumpur was founded in 1857 by a group of miners searching for tin by the Kelang and Gombak rivers. The flowing interconnectedness of these rivers is what inspired the early settlers to call this place Kuala Lumpur, which translates to “muddy confluence".


However, the miners, who were ill equipped to fight off tropical diseases such as malaria, began falling ill and soon died. Nevertheless, the tin found by these early arrivals lured more miners to KL that it soon sprawled into a booming, though anarchistic, town.


As an attempt to bring order and structure to KL, a local sultan gave reigning authority to a person known as “Kapitan China". Kapitan China successfully managed to bring order to the chaos. In fact, Kapitan China's rigid ruling power led KL to become upmarket and highly residential in the 1880s. KL was such a booming town that not even the 1881 fire and flood destroyed the prosperity of the city. On the contrary, such a natural disaster influenced the architectural and building boom of 1896, when the city became the capital of the newly formed Federated Malay States.


In 1913, under British rule, Malay's economy continued to prosper. However, this prosperity soon came to a halt after WWII, when the Japanese invaded British Malay. After the Japanese were soon defeated, Britain wanted to resume occupation of Malaysia. Malaysia refused, and as a result in 1957 it gained its independence.

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