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What to do with kids in tow?

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ImageFantasy Land

Located within a shopping complex, this play area caters to toddlers and younger children. Apart from swings, slides and trains, there are also arcade games, a 3D cinema and a car racing track.


Timings: Daily, 11 A.M- 11 P.M
Admission: Free entry, PKR 5 per ride
Address: PACE, M.M Alam Road
Tel: +92-42-111-111-603

Jallo Park

This is a popular picnicking spot. It was opened in the 1980s and was meant to be more forest than park. Established on 461 acres of land, children will enjoy running in the open fields, playing cricket and football. There are also boating facilities at the lake located within, as well as a mini-zoo where children can view a number of animals, birds and reptiles.


Timings: Daily
Admission: None
Address: 20 Km East of Lahore along the Canal Bank

Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo was established in 1872. Located on Mall Road, it is quite popular amongst the public who often take their children to enjoy the sight of various animals. It shelters about 1300 animals - 900 birds, 40 reptiles and over 300 mammals. Its most famous inhabitant is 'Suzi' the elephant. Due to paucity of funds, the zoo has not been maintained very well, but it will nonetheless make an enjoyable outing for children.


Timings: Daily 9 A.M- 7 P.M
Admission: PKR 15
Address: Mall Road, Lahore
Tel: +92-42-6314682



Shalimar Gardens

These magnificent gardens were made by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan in the 1640s. The gardens cover an area of over 80 acres. They are built at the three levels corresponding to the 'Giver of Pleasure', 'Giver of Goodness' and the 'Giver of Life'. Beautiful trees and shrubs are aplenty and white marble structures dot the gardens here and there. There are about 450 fountains. A great spot for picnicking, these gardens are on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Timings: Daily
Admission: None
Address: 3 km from the walled city, Grand Trunk Road, Near University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore 




Joy Land
This amusement park is located at the Fortress Stadium and is very popular amongst the residents of Lahore. Children, teenagers and even adults frequent this place. There are various rides; these include a ferris wheel, bumper cars, cups and saucers and the famous attraction known as the 'pirate ship' - a massive structure which sways to and fro. There are a number of other games, plus the usual stalls selling ice cream, traditional sweets and candy floss are also available. However, we'd like to point out that the rides at Joy Land have not been maintained well and there has been some complaints regarding the safety of the rides in the recent past.

Timings: Daily 10 A.M- 10 P.M
Admission: PKR 100
Address: Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt


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