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Health and Safety

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altLarnaca is relatively a very safe city to live in, and the crime rate it pretty low compared to other cities in the region. Since tourists usually come during the peak holiday months, it is advised to be extra cautious during these times. You should always keep your personal and important belongings with you or in a safe place; especially in crowded areas like the beach. It is usually safe at all times of the day, but you should be extra cautious at night and stick to public places and not go out alone. Well-lit areas with people around are perfectly safe at any time even at night.

There aren’t many health precautions to take, since the city is very safe and the environment does not pose many dangers. Tap water is safe to drink, but tourists are advised to purchase bottled mineral water. All restaurants serve healthy food which is cooked properly, but you should be extra cautious when ordering and eating seafood and shellfish to ensure that it is cleaned properly and cooked at higher temperatures. Never eat food that you think is even a bit undercooked.

Other precautions involve the beach and outdoor activities like water sports. Make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the beach, and take care when spending too many hours in the sun or in the water.

Police: 199

Larnaca General Hospital: +357 04 630 312



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