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Health and Safety

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altIn terms of health, always carry enough prescription medications with you; in fact bringing a signed and dated letter from your physician outlining your medical conditions and information is a good idea. Most pharmacists in Portugal speak some English and can advise when specialist care is required. While the standard of dental care is good, it is better if you have a dental check-up before you embark on your trip.

Clinica Medica Internacional
    Address: Av Antonio Augusto de Aguiar 40
    Phone: 213 513 310
   A private (hence not cheap) clinic with English speaking doctors

Farmacia Estacio
   Location: Rossio 62
   Phone: 213 211 390
   A centrally located pharmacy

Hospital Britanico (British Hospital, Hospital Ingles)
   Address: Rua Saraiva de Carvalho 49
   Phone: +213 943 100
              +213 929 360
   English speaking staff and doctors

Hospital de Santa Maria
   Address: Av Professor Egas Moniz
   Phone: 217 805 000

Lisbon is generally a safe enough city with a low crime rate – your biggest threat will be the hawkers who try to sell you hash and backseat goods; a polite yet firm ‘no’ will be enough. Be aware of pickpockets and bag-snatching at the major tourist sites and especially on Rua Augusta and tram 28. Car theft is also on the rise so if you do hire a rental car, do not leave any valuables in it. While the main streets are fairly safe when passing through at night, be careful near the alleys of Alfama and Graca. This is likewise for the metro stations such as Anjos, Martim Moniz and Intendente, where muggings have occurred.
    Women travellers should always be aware when travelling alone – be cautious if you must go out after dark and do not hitch-hike. If you are travelling with a male do not be insulted if the Portuguese expect him to do all the talking, ordering, paying the bill etc, it’s just their way. If you are both travelling into the north of the country which is quite conservative, saying you’re married will save hassle. If you are the victim of rape while in the country contact this organisation:

Associacao Portuguesa de Apoio a Vitma (APAV)

Portuguese Association for Victim Support
    Phone: 218 884 732

Comissao para a Lgualdade e para os Diretos das Mulheres (Commission for the Equality & Rights of Women)
    Address: Av da Republica 32
    Phone: 217 983 000
This organisation does not have a rape assistance phone number but operates as a point of contact for female victims of violence:


Transportation/Getting Around

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Car for hire
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Driving Tips
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