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Annual Temperature

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altMonth         Average High (°C)    Average Low (°C)
January         14°C                           8°C
February       16°C                           9°C
March           17°C                           9°C
April             19°C                          11°C
May             22°C                          13°C
June            24°C                         16°C
July              27°C                        17°C
August         28°C                        17°C
September   26°C                        17°C
October       22°C                        14°C
November    18°C                        11°C
December    14°C                        9°C


Transportation/Getting Around

As well as a bus network, Lisbon also has a tram network; the Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisbos ...
From the airport
Aeroporto de Lisboa is situated 6km outside of Lisbon; there is a 24hr exchange bureau, car rental ...
The taxis are usually beige in colour and have the word TAXI written on the top of the cab. ...
Car for hire
    In order to rent a car in Portugal the conditions are that you are 21 years of age and have ...
Driving Tips
•  Traffic drives on the right in Portugal. Speed limits are 50kph in towns and villages, 90kph ...
The Metro here is Lisbon is constantly expanding, useful for short rides and to reach Parque das ...