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Visa Information

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altPeople who are nationals of an EU country do not require a visa for any length of stay in Portugal. Canada, New Zealand, USA and (currently by temporary agreement) Australia can stay for up to 90 days in any half year without a visa. Countries in the United Arab Emirates are required to make a booking prior to submitting their application for Portugal Tourist Visa.


Documentation required:
Passport valid for six months from date of arrival with a blank page (possibly two) for stamping purposes
Completed application form
A copy of your travel itinerary which must be paid for (also keep the originals with you)
A copy of your accommodation details within the country as well as the originals
Travel insurance and medical insurance
A colour passport photo (at the time of writing, conflicting reports suggested you take three photos rather than one. As common precautions against the loss/theft of your documents suggest you always have multiple copies of everything, I suggest you take three photos)
Proof of purpose of visit by invitation from host/business partner, provisional ticket and/or hotel booking
Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay


Transportation/Getting Around

The taxis are usually beige in colour and have the word TAXI written on the top of the cab. ...
Driving Tips
•  Traffic drives on the right in Portugal. Speed limits are 50kph in towns and villages, 90kph ...
The Metro here is Lisbon is constantly expanding, useful for short rides and to reach Parque das ...
From the airport
Aeroporto de Lisboa is situated 6km outside of Lisbon; there is a 24hr exchange bureau, car rental ...
Car for hire
    In order to rent a car in Portugal the conditions are that you are 21 years of age and have ...
As well as a bus network, Lisbon also has a tram network; the Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisbos ...