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London in a Day

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ImageIt is virtually impossible to see the whole of London in a day. There is just something about the city that you have to feel more than see. However if you are hard pressed for time, there are a few places that you absolutely must see, things that you must absolutely do and food that you must absolutely eat.

Start your day with a flight on the London Eye. This should take you around one hour, including the flight time. If you book in advance online, you will be able to take the very first flight of the day, which is at 10 am. From here you can head straight to Regent’s Park for a quick tour of Madam Tussauds Museum. Enjoy a sumptuous meal at the legendary Veeraswamy restaurant on Regent Street.

After a hearty bite and sip head straight to the Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, for a taste of the glorious bygone eras. After a walk through history, get a feel of the London of today with a stroll through Trafalgar Square. Shop or just sit there with a cup of coffee and enjoy the life and fervor of the city.
If shopping is what your heart desires then there is no better place than Oxford Street or Bond Street. Alternatively, you can take a tube from Piccadilly Circus straight to Knightsbridge and reach the ever so famous Harrods.

What is London without some fish and chips? Look around for one of the many fish and chips eatery and eat to your heart’s desire as you prepare to board the plane back home.


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