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ImageMetroRail is a subway and light rail system. Visiting popular tourist destinations may require multiple transfers.  If a trip involves more than one line, then passengers must have separate tickets for each line or use a day pass.  Fare is: $1.25 one way, $5.00 day pass (good until 3 AM next day), $17 for one week and $62 for a month. Tickets can be purchased through vending machines, buses, Metro Customer Centers, or the MTA website.

Passengers should know that the Metro Police is part of the L.A. Sheriff’s Department and they randomly check for valid tickets on trains and platforms. The fine for not producing a valid ticket when checked is $250 and up to 48 hrs of community service.     


The Metro Rail system includes 2 subway lines and 3 light rail lines.  The Red Line (downtown to Hollywood, San Fernando Valley), Purple Line (Downtown to Mid-Wilshire), Blue Line (South LA, Long Beach), Gold Line (Downtown, Pasadena), Green Line (South Bay, Norwalk) and Orange Line (San Fernando Valley).

Tel: 213 922 2000



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