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Vernos de la Villa (Madrid Summer Festival)

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Vernos de la Villa (Madrid Summer Festival) MadridThe onset of summers in Madrid is accompanied by varied cultural colorful events featuring theater, dance, opera, cabaret, and cinema, mostly performed in open theatres and auditoriums. Mid July season is the time for bullfighting and music.


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January Festivals

Reyes (Epiphany or Three King's Day)
Evening processions brighten the city with celebration. Kids are showered with sweets and later ...

Feburary Festivals

La Candaleria (feast of the candles)
All over Madrid, parades, feasts and festivities mark this religious anniversary of the day when ...

March Festivals

Jueves Santo (Good Thursday) and Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
A week long religious celebration with processions taken out each night by men dressed in long ...

April Festivals

Madrid en Danza (Madrid Dance Festival)
April is a month of dance and music in Madrid.  Featuring assorted events including the ...
Semana Santa (Easter)
The Easter celebrations in Madrid depict religious passion with many processions enlivening the ...

May Festivals

Fiestas del 2 de Mayo
Specific to Madrid, this festival is an amalgam of sports, music, dance and bullfights that go on ...
Fiestas de San Isidro
Dressed in their national dress, Spaniards perform a pilgrimage to San Isidro's meadows in honor of ...

June Festivals

There are no popular festivals in the month of June for Madrid. If you have any festival to suggest then sign in and suggest a festival.

July Festivals

Vernos de la Villa (Madrid Summer Festival)
The onset of summers in Madrid is accompanied by varied cultural colorful events featuring theater, ...

August Festivals

Fiestas de San Lorenzo, San Cayetano and La Paloma.
These three festivals mirror the Madrid character with ten day festivities from the 6th to 15th. ...

September Festivals

Romeri­a de la Virgen de Gracia.
Termed as a religious pilgrimage, it is about carrying the statue of Virgin Mary to a sanctuary ...

October Festivals

Festival de Otono, major performing arts festival in Madrid
The autumn season's biggest cultural show is put up with theatre, dance and musical performances ...
Fiesta Nacional de España (National Day)
This festival celebrated on the 12 th commemorates the birth of the Spanish unified nation. The ...

November Festivals

Todos los Santos (All Saints' Day)
The festival is celebrated on the first day of November as a public holiday. It is about ...
Almudena Day, patron saint of Madrid.
Festivities include preparation of special dishes, dances and  taking out of processions  ...

December Festivals

Like any other place, Madrid comes alive on this day. Plaza Mayor becomes the central attraction ...