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Health & Safety

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ImageThere is very little crime in the Maldives. It a very peaceful country and visitors feel safe on their own at all times. Generally Maldivians are honest, helpful and welcoming people although you are unlikely to come into much contact with them at the resorts. There are no drugs anywhere in the resorts and most Maldivians rarely come into contact with anything more than an occasional beer that has been smuggled out of a resort. However there is a growing drug problem among the local population and hence petty crime to support this has risen. Take the usual precautions; do not leave money and valuables lying around. There are safe deposits at almost all the resorts and hotels to facilitate visitors.
While planning to travel, travel insurance is usually the last thing that strikes our mind but problems can arise and to be safe it is essential to have travel insurance. Your baggage or any other valuable might get lost, your flight schedule might change or you might get injured. Travel insurance plays a crucial role by enabling you to continue with your journey despite the unforeseen emergencies. If you are not in a position to travel, it might provide you with the necessary treatment.

Below are some Maldives travel insurance tips that will help you decide as to what kind of policy you should opt for:
* The policy must provide for adequate coverage for any medical emergency.
* The policy must provide 24 X 7 emergency services.
* The policy must provide the full refund if the trip gets cancelled or if it is cut short due to some reason.
* Check if the cancellation cover of the policy starts immediately or not.
* The policy must provide coverage for a personal liability, in case you accidentally cause an injury to others or some kind of damage to their property and they file a suit against you.
* The policy must make provision for reimbursing the legal expenses in case a claim for damage needs to be made.

Stay healthy
Beware that tap water may not be drinkable at all resorts. Make enquiries and ask for clean water. The Maldives are malaria-free, but some islands do have mosquitoes and catching dengue fever from them is possible, although highly unlikely.
Most of the medical problems arise from diving or being out in the sun. Heat stroke is common in the tropics. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of water and avoid the heat and sun as much as possible and try to stay in the shade during the day.  Most resorts have their own doctors or nurses on call. Male has a very modern and efficient hospital but remember, prevention is better than cure.  It is also recommended that visitors to Maldives take the requisite immunizations accordingly.

Vaccines for Maldives Travelers

Hepatitis A
The vaccination for Hepatitis A is recommended for all Maldives travelers, irrespective of how long they would stay here.

All the travelers are recommended to take this vaccine.

Yellow Fever
This vaccination is necessary basically for travelers, who are coming from yellow-fever-infected area.

Hepatitis B
It is primarily required by the travelers, who share intimate relations with local residents of this country and are visiting for a period of more than 6 months.

This immunization is required by those travelers, who are likely to have a direct contact with animals but may not have the accessibility to medical care.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
For travelers born after 1956, two doses of this inoculation are required, if not given previously.

There is a need to revaccinate for Tetanus-diphtheria every 10 years.
Useful Maldives phrases
* Hello (formal): Assalaamu Alaikum
* Hello (informal): Kihineh?
* How are you? Haalu kihineh?
* Yes: Aan
* No: Noon
* Where? Kobaa?
* Why? Keevve?
* Who
* ? Kaaku?
* There: Ethaa
* Here: Mithaa
* What? Koacheh?
* This: Mi
* That: E
* What is (your) name? Kon nameh kiyanee?
* My name is: Aharenge namakee
* Good: Ran'galhu
* Where are you from? Kon rasheh?
* Thank you: Shukuriyaa
* I am sorry: Ma-aafu kurey
* How old are you? Umurun kihaa vareh?
* My age is: Aharenge umurakee
* What place are we going? Kon thanakah dhanee?
* What time are (we) going? Kon irakun dhanee?
* What is the price?: Agu kihaavareh?
* How long will it take? Kihaa ireh nagaanee?
* What time is it? Gadin kihaa ireh?
* What island is that? E-ee kon rasheh?  

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