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Health and Safety

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ImageMelbourne has emerged as one of the favorite tourist destinations in contemporary times. It is however very surprising to know that a city with a population of 4 million is remarkably safe for its residents and tourists alike. A few risky areas where tourist should normally avoid visiting are areas where there are night clubs.

The safer strategy program and the Drug Action Plan which went into operation in 2007 has played an instrumental role in alleviating all kinds of criminal activity and has simultaneously played a significant role in enhancing the level of precautionary measures available for tourists in particular.

 The results of such a program can be vindicated form the fact that even minor criminal activities such as pick pocketing and other associated street crimes are seldom and are more infrequently projected at tourists. Nevertheless tourist must imply all measures necessary to ensure their own safety under all circumstances.

The looming threat of terrorism like in other countries is dominant in Australia also; however the authorities have conducted multitude operations to diminish this hazard considerably. Tourist must pay special attention to their personal possessions such as travel documents and money. Avoid carrying all accessories in one bag; you should be extra careful when walking in night in some of the busy streets of the city such as King Cross, George Street and Hyde Park.

Along with this the government of the country is extremely concerned about various health issues affecting human body. Numerous conferences are held regularly to make people aware about the hazards of minor and major health issues which range from the necessity of vaccination to the appropriate construction of public toilets. 

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