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Chapultepec Castle

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altA building that has seen generations come and go, has endured the ramifications with dignity, and stands strong to this day to tell the tale.
It has always been a residence for the rulers of Mexico - Spanish Viceroys and Mexican Emperors. It was also, at different times during its history, a military academy, the presidential palace, an observatory, and, finally, has come to be used as a museum  it houses today the Museo Nacional de Historia (Museum of National History), which features a beautifully landscaped garden area, as well as the old observatory.

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Plaza de la Constitución (El Zócalo)
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Museo Franz Mayer
Hidalgo 45. Centro Histórico, México D.F. 06300
5518 2266
Museo Nacional de Arte
No. 8 Tacuba, Col. Centro, Mexico City.
5130 3400
National Palace (Palacio Nacional)
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Templo Mayor
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Metropolitan Cathedral
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Paseo de la Reforma
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Fuente de la Diana Cazadora
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Angel de la Independencia
A monument serving as a symbol of pride for the Mexican nation, located on the Paseo de la Reforma. ...

National Museum of Anthropology
Avenada Paseo de la Reforma Chapultepec Polanco Mexico City 11560
Chapultepec Castle
A building that has seen generations come and go, has endured the ramifications with dignity, and ...
Chapultepec Park and Zoo
Between Paseo de La Reforma, Circuito Interior and Av. Constituyentes, Chapultepec ...
Papalote (Children's Museum)
Avenida Constituyentes, 268, Mexico City 11560, Mexico
52 52 37 ...
Museum of Modern Art
Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City.

Museum Of Natural History
Segunda sección del Bosque de Chapultepec Mexico City,11800

As the name ...
David Alfaro Siquerios Museum
Tres Picos No.29
Showcases some of the work of well-known Mexican muralist ...

Plaza Río de Janeiro 54, Col. Roma
+52 55 5511 1179
Parque Mexico
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Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo
Calle Diego Rivera 2
Open Tuesdays ...