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City in a Day

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altMexico City is a gem for archaeologists, historians, and architecture students. Other than that, it is just another large urban metropolis struggling to cope with its everyday problems ranging from poverty to pollution.

If you are in Mexico City for the historic sightseeing, nothing is better than spending a day touring the Centro Historico with all its impressive monuments and museums. Of course, a day is never enough to truly take in a culture spanning over more than half a millennium, so you will have to manage your time carefully between visits to museums, parks, and the nearby monumental sculptures just tempting you to compose them as a background for your travelogue photos.

A second option is exploring the Zona Rosa district, a new addition to the city, and one that established Mexico City as an international hotspot. Lined with lavish malls, modern boutiques, and splendid eateries, this district is for the tourist who looks for the contemporary global village aspect of every city.

A third, more relaxing experience is spending a day at the Chapultepec complex  this is especially recommended if you have spent a hectic day shopping in Polanco or attending a conference at the Santa Fe business district. The huge park area, with additional amenities including Zoological Gardens, an amusement park for all ages, and various small museums, is sure to soothe you and refresh the pleasant memories of the entire trip before the long flight back home.

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