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altLocation: Mexico City, Mexico

Dialing code: +52-1-55 Emergency numbers
Police: 060 and 080
Fire: +52 5768-8261
Ambulance: +52 5557-5757 (Red Cross)
Tourist Information Helpdesk: 01 (800) 903-9200 (from anywhere in Mexico); +52 5525-9380 (Mexico City)
Car Breakdown Service: +52 5250 8221
Highway Patrol: +52 5684-2142
Telephone Directory Services: 040
Airport Enquiry: +52 5571- 3600
Railway Enquiry: +52 5547 7920

Population: 106,682,500
Languages: Spanish, and 62 Indigenous Amerindian languages
Time zone: UTC -8 to -6
Average January temperatures: High 68-71˚F; Low 43-46 ˚F
Average July temperatures: High 72-75˚F; Low 51-54˚F
Annual rainfall: 625 mm
Electricity: Same as the US

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