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Buses / Metro

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ImageThe bus and metro systems in Montreal are amongst one of the finest in the developed world, not only in the comfort and convenience of travel, but also in their management and operation.

Information about schedules and routes can be found out from the ticket booths at most metro stations. Bus tickets are priced at $1.85 for a single ticket, or $8 for 6 tickets. These tickets also work for the metro, and can be interchanged between the two. A 1-day ($9) or a 3-day pass (at $17) can also be bought which works for both systems. This can be bought at most metro stations in the downtown district, but are available at the Berri/UQAM, Bonaventure, and Peel metro stations only during the  off-season (winters). Passes can also be bought at the Tourism Information Office. A weekly (regular $19.25, students $10.75) or monthly (regular $65, students $35) pass can also be bought from these stations.
For more information call  514-280-5507.
Buying tickets on board the bus requires you to have the exact fare with the proper change.

The buses that traverse the city have different symbols according to the route they follow.  Buses that have a large "E" displayed on their side are express buses - these have fewer stops, and are recommended for long uninterrupted journeys. Metrobuses, marked with "M", follow a particular route through the city, stopping at set stations, and are ideal for journeys with short stops. White lozenges are displayed on the rush-hour buses, which makes them able to use reserved lanes during peak hours to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and a quicker journey. Night buses have a black crescent painted on their side. They run after the metro closes down every night, appearing around once every hour, and usually run on the same routes.

The schedule information chart contains information about the type of bus and its stops. You can also find out about the next three buses at a particular stop through a phone number given on the schedule chart.

The Metro is usually a safe, and an overall pleasant, travelling experience. The first car with the driver's seat is the safest, while every metro car has its own emergency intercom. All platforms of the metro also have emergency phone booths.

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