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Car for hire

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ImageThere are various car rental companies all around Montreal, but renting out a car is only advised if you think you are aware of the basic traffic regulations and the roadways. Driving can sometimes be confusing, as many of the roads in the busier districts are usually one-way, or have reserved lanes for particular types of vehicles, and disregarding the rules can result in quite heavy fines.

However, if you feel you are up to the challenge of driving in Montreal, here are a few car rental companies that should get you ‘moving’. These offer various rent deals and packages as per your requirements. Most of them have airport pickup facilities. Airport car rental booths also offer details on the various rental packages available from each company, and it is recommended that you visit a few booths before finally deciding to rent out a car.
Here are the leading rental agencies:

1. Alamo:
One of the leading car rental companies, in Montreal. Located at various points throughout the city. A wide variety of packages are available, so make sure you discuss exactly what you require before signing up for a car.
Telephone: 1 (800) 462-5266

2. Avis:
Another leading company in Montreal. Some of the best deals, but rather expensive. Value for money, however. Also offers GPS service in cars.
Locations in Montreal:
Airport: 975, Boulevard Romeo Vachon, North Local LV3, Montreal. Telephone: 514-636-1902
Downtown: 1225, Rue Metcalfe, (at St Catherine), Montreal. Telephone: 514-866-2847
Montreal East: 7200 Sherbrooke St, Montreal. Telephone: 514-259-2847
Mount Royal: 5185 Papineau, Montreal. Telephone: 514-789-2847
Saint Laurent: 2180 Marcel Laurin Blvd, Saint-Laurent, Montreal. Telephone: 514-788-4920

3. Budget:
Based in New Jersey, USA, but extends its services to Montreal. One of the few inexpensive car rental companies. Good deals, and a variety of cars, from small two-seaters to large cargo trucks. For their numerous packages, tailored to suit almost every individual's need, check out:

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Car for hire
There are various car rental companies all around Montreal, but renting out a car is only advised ...
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