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ImageMontreal has a pleasant all-round weather, with sunny months from May to September and a chilly season from October to April. July is generally the warmest month and January the coldest. Rainfall is plentiful all year long, and there is a lot of snow during the winters. August receives the most showers.

Winter is the most romantic season of the year. Although it can be quite harsh, with lots of snow, it is the one season that can fully be enjoyed in a city like Montreal that has so much to offer exclusively for the winter season. Be it activities like serene ice skating evenings, thrilling skiing competitions, fascinating snow shows, or a simple cup of warm coffee on the front porch while watching the snowflakes, winter offers the best Montreal expereince to the seclusive, romantic soul. The prices of hotels are also usually quite low at this time of the year.

For the partying lot, the best season to visit Montreal is during the summers (June-July). This coincides with the increase in prices of hotel rooms and tourist attractions. With hot, sunny days and mild nights, Montreal offers a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water sports. The major, and most popular, festivals in the city also take  place during the summer season.

April and May can have quite variable spells of weather, and there are no major events during this period. This makes this season one of the cheapest times to visit Montreal. Many hotels cut down prices in order to attract incoming tourists.

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